About Us

The Randolph County Family Resource Network, incorporated in the 1990s, is an organization that brings together local agencies, community organizations, and community members to solve local problems, improve community conditions, and promote local economic development.

The FRN helps assess community needs by conducting surveys throughout the area to identify current issues and better understand where community members are willing to put in efforts. We also help interpret existing data to better inform ourselves and our partners of existing conditions already established within the community.

The Randolph County Family Resource helps provide community resources by conducting training and learning opportunities for community members. We pursue funding sources to help sustain our current programs, as well as introduce new programs based on assessed needs. The FRN works hard to serve as a support system for community programs and services. We strive to keep an up-to-date resource guide to help connect community members to available programs and services, while working to promote information among social service providers.

We aid in community organization by developing groups that help address community needs, as well as strengthening community partnerships. The FRN promotes various projects that improve community projects, and collaborate with local organizations to ensure success. We strongly encourage fellow non-profit and for-profit organizations, groups, and individuals to work together as we are all connected by the same community.

The FRN frequently evaluates our success by monitoring our programs and projects to ensure anticipated goals and outcomes are being reached.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help community members work together in order to provide a seamless system of services to the families of Randolph County by identifying family needs, gathering resources required to meet those needs, and sharing plans and information with our fellow resource organizations.

Board of Directors

FRN Director – Kyleigh Smith

FRN Board of Directors – Tekoa Jones, Schell Hopwood, Karina Shreve, Hannah Dodson, Jalen Floyd, Angela Jennings, Michael Parker, Carol Bush, Susie Corley, Owen Peet, Jean Schmidt, Margot Evick

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