Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our members work together in order to provide a seamless system of services to the families of Randolph County by: Identifying family needs, resources to meet those needs, sharing plans and information and planning joint actions.

About Us

The Randolph County Family Resource Network, incorporated in the 1990’s, is an organization that brings together local agencies, community organizations and concerned citizens to solve local problems, improve community conditions for children and families, and promotes community economic development.

Ways We Help

Assessing Community Needs by:

  • Conducting surveys throughout the community to identify current needs and opportunities and to find out where members of the community would be willing to commit their efforts.
  • Collecting existing data to better inform ourselves and our partners about existing conditions in our community.

Planning by:

  • Developing strategies and systems to address community needs.
  • Helping other organizations learn and use strategic planning processes to reach their goals.

Providing Resources by:

  • Conducting training and learning opportunities for the community.
  • Pursuing funding sources to help sustain programs or to start programs that do not exist but are needed.
  • Serving as a support system for community programs and services.
  • Developing community resource guides to help connect community members to available programs and services while at the same time working to promote information sharing among social service providers.
  • Working as a connector to available community services.

Community Organizing by:

  • Helping develop groups to address community needs and working to strengthen community partnerships.
  • Promoting various projects and programs that improve community culture
  • Collaborating with local organizations so all can succeed.
  • Encouraging non-profit and for-profit organizations, groups and individuals to work together as all are interconnected in the community.

Evaluation by:

  • Monitoring the successes and the challenges programs and projects face to ensure anticipated goals and outcomes are being reached.

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