The Family Resource Network is a nonprofit organization located in Randolph County, West Virginia, that works to respond to the needs and opportunities of the community. Partnering with community members, public and private organizations, the FRN develops innovative projects and provides needed resources for our local area.

Upcoming Events

November 12th ~ Baby Pantry Day

November 5th ~ Food Distribution at Camp Pioneer

October 29th ~ Trunk or Treat at the Phil Gainer Center

October 20th ~ General Membership Meeting

October 25th – October 29th ~ Red Ribbon Week

TENTATIVE DATE November 6th ~ National Kids Day

The Randolph County Family Resource Network has some exciting news! 🪴
Thank you to those who responded in the survey we posted a month ago as to what things you would like to see to make a healthier Randolph County! The majority of respondents said they would love to have a community garden and classes on healthy eating. Therefore, the FRN and Phil Gainer Community Center will be building a community garden and facilitating canning classes. This is a work in progress but stay tuned on our FRN Facebook page and website!
Thank you to Try This WV for making this plossible 💛